Good things come to those who HODL

Ahead of our Adbank airdrop, Cool Cousin offers ADB token holders a special deal: (more) Time = (more) CUZ.

Last month, Cool Cousin announced an exciting partnership with Adbank, the up-and-coming Canadian blockchain-based digital advertising company. Our strategic partnership was ignited by Adbank co-founder and CSO Kelsey Cole, who also joined our advisory board to support us as we build our global partnerships.

After completing our successful ICO, during which we sold 97.4% of our hard cap (!), we are now preparing to follow through with our planned CUZ airdrop to ADB token holders who signed up.

By the end of this week, we will be airdropping 93,750 CUZ tokens to hundreds of ADB holders. But wait, there's more!

As a gesture of good will, because we love Adbank so much, we've decided to make a couple of changes in favor of our new token holders:

  1. The CUZ tokens will not be vested for 24 months as initially announced.
  2. In June 2019, one year after the initial distribution, we will be distributing another 93,750 CUZ tokens to those who HODL. That's double what we intended to give out, and all you have to do is sit tight. A steal, if you ask us.

We can't wait to welcome hundreds of ADB token holders into our growing community!
Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.