Summer 2018 recap: What we’ve done & what’s coming next

All the news about our new hires, product developments, community, growth and last but not least - CUZ.

For some people, summer means vacation. For us, it means doing what we love the most - working night and day to make sure all travelers jetting around the globe have a perfect travel experience!

It’s been two months since our TGE, and we’ve been as busy as ever. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to:

We’re hiring!

We’ve expanded our team and welcomed on board:

  • Merav Schlesinger - former VP HR @Gett. Merav brings years of expertise working with startups as they grow, helping to structure the company, work on internal processes and hiring methods.
  • Noam Tamir - a Back-End Developer and the newest addition to our R&D team.
  • Zohar Koch - recently returned from a stint in China studying Mandarin and is now helping us run a tight ship as our new Administrative Manager.


The big news - our Android app is almost ready!

Cool Cousin’s Android App is in the works, and will be ready by the end of October - right on time! This has been our major project alongside which we’ve designed and built several new features. Already live are the new PWA (progressive web app) features, that decrease access to external resources dramatically, giving a smoother faster experience to our hundreds of thousands of users.

More new features include the ability to add your own spots and the new app-wide destination search bar. Go check ‘em out!

On the more technical side of things, we’ve improved our API caching, leveraging Lambda@Edge, and managed to reduce loading time by 25%, all while improving stability.


Our work on Cool Cousin’s community is panning out, leading not only to the growth of our hand-picked pool of Cousins, but also a massive 300% growth in cousin-user engagement in the last 30 days alone!

We’re now present on all continents (well, except Antarctica ;-))
This month we launched Hong Kong, Manchester, El Paso, Marseille, Nairobi, Minneapolis, Davenport and Girona - with lots of new cousins. Check out Hayley’s map for Hong Kong and Edwin’s map for Nairobi. They’re a stunner!


We’re on track to launch our in-app wallet in October. Once launched, all token holders will be able to keep (and use) their tokens within the Cool Cousin platform. We’re also working to complete the first CUZ function on schedule, making sure that by the end of 2018 you’ll be able to use CUZ for services within our platform.

Summer goals, Check.

So what’s next for Cool Cousin?

We’re (still) hiring!
During the coming months we will be strengthening the product and R&D teams with more all-star players.

Alongside the Android app (!!!), beginning September we’ll be testing the new user onboarding feature, a new experiment that aims to increase user engagement by initiating direct conversations. In our next update we’ll offer more insight into how this affects the UX.

Our marketing department is gearing up to hit some massive growth and engagement goals. We’re increasing our user acquisition channels, focusing on organic channels such as SEO and Social Media and shifting resources to strengthening brand engagement.

Community growth
During the coming months we’ll be focusing on launching 3 strategic cities: Tokyo, Bangkok & Johannesburg - these are major projects that include scouting, sourcing and producing cities with major numbers of inbound travelers.

CUZ liquidity
Current market conditions make it harder than expected to finalize liquidity solutions, but we’re working to provide liquidity solutions and we’ll have official news soon. Our top priority is to have a healthy token environment and this guides all of our decisions.

We’re available to answer all of your questions about anything Cool Cousin related, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the team members via telegram, email, twitter etc.