BrandShield to protect Cool Cousin's users from scams

Our strategic partnership with BrandShield will provide Cool Cousin with anti-phishing and anti-fraud cyber intelligence solutions.

Scamming attempts are a common occurance during ICOs. Cryptocurrencies are essentially cash with wings, so their non-refundable nature attracts scammers and hustlers alike. Scammers are often seen impersonating Telegram users, Twitter accounts, and websites, in an attempt to appear like they're official outlets, trying to extract money from unsuspecting community members.


With this in mind, we are pleased to update that we have kickstarted a strategic partnership with BrandShield, providing anti-phishing and anti-fraud cyber intelligence solutions. Using AI-powered technology, BrandShield covers the entire web, including websites and social networks. Not only do they provide detection services, their enforcement team is active up until the final removal of the threat.

A team of experts from Cool Cousin and BrandShield worked together to devise a strategy, and since the kickoff last week, 5 impersonating websites have already been taken down. Popular ICOs are also popular with the bad guys, apparently.

We'll continue to update as we go. Talk soon :)

Gil Azrielant is co-founder and CTO at Cool Cousin