Cool Cousin forms strategic partnership with CanYa

By joining forces with blockchain-based P2P marketplace for freelancers, Cool Cousin will help millions of digital nomads make the most of their time spent working abroad.

We’re excited to announce that Cool Cousin is joining forces with CanYa, the blockchain-based P2P marketplace for the modern online freelancer. Both decentralized platforms set out to make it easier for travellers and digital nomads to discover amazing places, provide services and earn money through a new kind of autonomous global sharing economy.

As blockchain evangelists, we believe that many more network based companies will soon be using blockchain technology and an internal crypto economy to guarantee transparency, quality and long term viability. As the mainly centralized tech world searches for new ways to overcome information overload, data breaches and content manipulation, we are confident that decentralization is the future. By collaborating with an established company such as CanYa, with a growing community and working economy, we are making sure this ecosystem is healthy and strong.

The partnership

The collaboration with CanYa was a natural fit from the get go. Launched in 2016, both companies have already amassed a thriving global community of young local professionals and globetrotters who will now be able to get a cut of the travel and service industries.

As work life no longer demands one’s physical presence in the office, young professionals from around the world are opting for an off-site freelance experience, seeking to see the world while building a career. In fact, the U.S. alone has 57 million freelancers whose number has risen by 30% since 2016 - and many of them work remotely. De facto, they are all super travellers.


Providing a unique peer-to-peer platform for service providers, CanYa’s community consists of professionals from all walks of life who are connected through an autonomous community to exchange professional services. With over 10K users and 46K service providers, almost all of the digital nomads who will be using CanYa will work away from home at various times throughout the year. As they plan their stays abroad, they will benefit from the sound advice and unique local tips offered by the Cool Cousin community, with 1,000+ Cousins in over 90 cities around the world (and growing!). They will also be encouraged to optimize the content on the Cool Cousin platform, become Cousins in their hometowns and act as global ambassadors of the travel service. They will also enjoy professional connection with local business owners and service providers active at their travel destination, perhaps yielding new professional relationships - no middlemen, no international exchange rates.

When travelling, CanYa users will also be able to access exclusive Cool Cousin content. Likewise, Cool Cousin users will be encouraged to join the CanYa platform to list their skills and earn while they travel! Cool Cousin users will also receive bonus $CAN tokens if they join using the Cool Cousin referral code.

Looking forward

Cool Cousin set out to change the centralized travel game with the conviction that if people could directly connect to exchange unique city knowledge and services - it would save travellers from disappointment and create a missing market for truly valuable locally sourced travel information. We recently announced that we’ve topped out our ICO private sale ahead of the anticipated Public Pre-Sale set to take place on April 10th for 24 hours alone. We are positive that collaborating with CanYa will help us build a solid decentralized crypto economy that that provides both communities more independence, value and good times!