Hosho to audit Cool Cousin's crowdsale smart contract

Partnering with the top-tier audit company helps us guarantee a successful and safe token sale.


We're excited to update that our crowdsale contract is currently being audited by the unparalleled audit company Hosho.

Cool Cousin's developers are highly trained developers with years of experience in defensive and offensive data security. Nevertheless, despite the thousands of hours of experience we've accumulated, we have decided to double and triple check our work with an external security audit by the top-tier audit company.

The security of our crowdsale contract is crucial for a successful ICO, and we plan to make no compromises to guarantee it.

Our smart contract will not be vulnerable to any attacks, so you can rest assured your funds and tokens are in good hands.

Back to work, talk soon :)

Gil Azrielant is co-founder and CTO at Cool Cousin