Following the success: extending our bounty program

Hello Y’all!

Following the success of our Public Presale, we at Cool Cousin have decided to extend our BountyHive bounty program for an additional month in anticipation of our Public Sale starting May 15. Partnering with BountyHive and it’s amazing community has proven to be an efficient way for Cool Cousin to gain quality exposure and traction.

Prior to our decision to extend, the bounty campaign initially ended on 17th of April with the distribution date scheduled for the 24th of April. Due to these recent changes, the distribution date will be moved by 1 month, so that it is synchronized with the ICO end date. This is not a disadvantage to our participants - quite the opposite. Precisely because we greatly value the work that has been put into supporting the project until now, we’ve decided to double the value of the Bounty Pool in order to properly reward our participants for their support, and most importantly, their patience.

We always ran our business in the most transparent and compliant manner, and will continue doing so. As such, we are taking all of the necessary precautions in preparation of any possible outcome of the upcoming regulations, whether for ICOs or for the cryptocurrency market in general. We want everyone to understand that every possible aspect has been thoroughly investigated and taken into consideration.

Cool Cousin has raised 90% of the hard-cap to-date, and the changes mentioned are done to ensure the success of the project and the best possible outcome. We want to thank everyone for their efforts in helping to make Cool Cousin the leading travel-tech platform for trusted city discovery. This is only the beginning - expect more exciting developments!

The Cool Cousin Team