How to create an Ethereum Wallet

A short guide.

Cool Cousin’s token CUZ is based on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore, in order to hold the token CUZ, you will need an Ethereum wallet. There are many tools and apps for that out there, and you will need those that support ERC-20 tokens.

You have two options:

  • Buy a hardware wallet (Ledger / Trezor) - we recommend this option, as it’s the more secure option.
  • Open a digital wallet online

Both options are acceptable, however, the former is considered the more secure option, as it is less likely to be compromised by hackers. If you choose to buy a hardware wallet, it will come with an instruction guide on how to set it up.

This guide offers an explanation on how to set up your online Ethereum wallet.

Choose a wallet

Create an online digital wallet:
If you decide to go with MyEtherWallet, there is a great walkthrough before the registration process and you should follow their instructions carefully and heed their warnings.
The main steps include coming up with a strong password, filling in the form, making sure to remember it by heart or write it down on a piece of paper, and then pressing ‘Create New Wallet’.

Save your keystore file

Now, save your Keystore File. Click ‘Download Keystore File’ and save the file to your computer or on an external drive for extra security. After you have saved the file click the Continue button.
KEEP THIS FILE SAFE! Obtaining the contents of this file means having control over your tokens and Ether. Preferably, keep it in disconnected from the internet.


Save your Private Key

On the next screen you will see your Private Key, it’s a string of symbols. Make sure you write down or print your Private Key in order to create a Paper Wallet. There is no way to remind you of your password or Private Key! If it’s lost, it’s lost forever! We recommend that you write it down on several pieces of paper, and and give one to at least one trusted person for safekeeping. Do not add it to your computer or take a photo with your smartphone, as it will compromise security.

That’s it! If you want to return to your wallet, go to the link and click on ‘View Wallet Info’.

How to purchase Ether

In order to fill your wallet with the Ether (ETH), needed to participate in Cool Cousin’s ICO, you will need to either buy it from someone directly, or use a cryptocurrency exchange.

There are many exchanges that you can use and most of them will allow you to purchase Ether with Fiat currency. There are those that will ask for Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for Ether (ETH).
Some of the more common exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and more. The exchange rates on these exchanges varies.
Choose any of the exchanges that allow you to purchase from your place of residence, and buy ETH. You will be asked to provide your wallet key in order to store your ETH, so you should have it in handy.

That's it!
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