Our ICO is over - we're just getting started

A message from Cool Cousin's CEO following our hugely successful token sale.

To our amazing community of Cool Cousin and CUZ supporters,

After six months of running our ICO campaign, I’m happy and excited to say that last week Cool Cousin successfully completed its token sale! We sold 97.4% of our hard cap - a huge achievement in this highly competitive market - and we couldn't have done it without our beloved community and partners.

Thank you, to each and every one of you! Your support helped Cool Cousin stand out as a company that has solid potential for bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream travelers worldwide. The entire team and I will give it everything we’ve got to live up to your vote of confidence.
In the past months we’ve toured the world and met thousands of people, from Vietnam to San Francisco, who welcomed us into the crypto community. We talked to blockchain pioneers, rode out the ups and the downs of this new market, and strengthened our conviction that the crypto path is the path to a better future.

As a co-founder of Cool Cousin I know first hand how crucial it is to have the right people by your side. How life changing it can be to know that you're in it together with determined and capable hands who will not only work tirelessly to succeed, but will also help you be better at your job.

We’re excited to bring back our focus to turning Cool Cousin into the No.1 place where locals and travelers can connect around the shared love of exploration and discovery; to grow our community of Cousins from 1,200+ to 100,000! To launch communities in every city in the world! And to build a global marketplace for local knowledge and one-of-a-kind travel services that can be enjoyed by all.

Right now, the blockchain world is taking baby steps toward mainstream adoption, but I know that good innovation enters society slowly, and then all at once. Just think about Cloud storage, which not so long ago entered our lives offering the unbelievable option of storing our data remotely and accessing it from any computer at any time. Most people don’t understand it’s mechanics, but it made their lives easier and so it went mainstream, transforming the way we behave online. Blockchain technology will be substantially more revolutionary, ultimately transforming our financial, social, and digital lives. It’s our goal to introduce mainstream travelers and locals to the world of possibilities this technology creates.

I know I speak for everyone here at Cool Cousin when I say that we wake up every morning with a hunger for pushing Cool Cousin to the next level and to continue to build a company that brings real value to people. And for breakfast. Luckily, thanks to our amazing Cousins, we know where to find the best breakfast spots around.

Thanks again for the support, and stay tuned for exciting announcements still to come.

Itay and the entire Cool Cousin team