We’re excited to welcome new advisor Ori Magen, former Head of Growth at Moovit

Ori is an international growth strategist, seasoned growth hacker, and entrepreneur. Before recently joining Automattic as Director of Global Growth, Ori was instrumental in growing Moovit from 6M to over 100M users in four years.


We’re excited to introduce our new Growth Advisor, Ori Magen, Director of Global Growth at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) and former Head of Global Growth & Marketing at Moovit, the world's largest urban transportation platform.

Backed by Sequoia Capital, BMWi Ventures and Nokia Ventures, Moovit is the world’s most popular app for public transportation riders, and the world’s leading public transit data & analytics company. Upon joining Moovit in 2014, Ori was tasked with the job of aggressively scaling the company, which had, at the time, less than 6 millions users in a handful of markets in the world. During his four years at Moovit, the company user base multiplied x15 in over 2,000 cities around the world, and achieved outperform growth milestones.

Prior to Moovit, Ori worked with world renowned brands such as Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Lancome Paris, Pizza Hut, KFC and more - as founder and CEO of Moog.IT, a Tel-Aviv based digital marketing agency. Ori holds a BA in Economics and Management and MBA in Global Business Strategy.


“As a professional who focuses on startup growth, I can clearly see how, with the right strategic decisions and with smart and responsible management, Cool Cousin will become a major player in the travel industry,” Ori said about joining Cool Cousin. “Sometimes it’s simple. It took me exactly 30 seconds to understand Cool Cousin’s inspiring vision and an additional 30 seconds to realize how blockchain technology can lift the company to the next level, boost its growth and serve its community”.

“When I seriously dug into the company, I found a combination of the right product, the right timing and the right team - a rare combination. What I also found interesting is the endless scaling potential that can be achieved thanks to Cool Cousin’s inherent network effect. Enhanced with the new CUZ token and with a clever implementation of blockchain technology, it becomes even more exciting. This unique combination of characteristics is what, in my opinion, differentiates killer startups from just noise”, he added.

“But nothing could convince me to join the team as a Growth Advisor, if I wasn’t such a happy user of the product. Ever since I was introduced to this wonderful and useful app, I honestly can’t travel without it”, he concluded.

Welcome to the fam, Ori!