We’re thrilled to welcome our new advisor Pete Hancock, former VP of Sales at Yelp

Hancock joined Yelp in 2006 as employee #20, and was instrumental in the company’s fast and massive growth. He brings to the table his vast expertise in building a successful large-scale sales organization.

We’re super proud to introduce Cool Cousin’s new advisor Pete Hancock, former VPof National Sales at Yelp. Hancock joined Yelp in 2006 as their 20th employee to help build the sales department. During his 11 years at Yelp, Hancock led key initiatives in sales, sales training and office expansion as the company scaled dramatically, growing quickly to over 4,350 employees and $713M in revenue in 2016. Prior to Yelp, he held various sales and management positions at Black & Decker and completed a B.S. in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Delaware.

״I have used the product, seen the Community grow, got to know the Founders and I recently signed on as an Advisor to the company. With the launch of their decentralized community supported by their token CUZ, I am even more excited about the opportunity ahead,” Hancock wrote in this great blog post. He is joining Cool Cousin after using the app as a traveler during a year-long trip around the globe.


Adding Hancock to the Cool Cousin team is massively exciting for us, as we tackle head-on some of the biggest problems facing the travel industry today: mistrust of online reviews and content—a problem he knows much about from both the perspective of a traveler and a senior exec at Yelp—and scaling a community of contributors without compromising their content. His experience building one of the world’s biggest network-based companies will help the CC team take on the US market, developing crucial biz relationships and shaping our sales department.

A big supporter of Cool Cousin’s philosophy and the decision to build a blockchain-based decentralized community, Hancock wrote: “In a world too often separated into “us” and “them”, I believe Cool Cousin is a company and a community that can have a positive impact by bringing connection between people back into the world of travel”.

Read Pete Hancock’s full post explaining why he’s excited to join Cool Cousin.