Cool Cousin’s Public Presale - an explosive 24 hours!

We’ve caught our breath, we’ve analyzed the data, and we’re excited to share some insights about our public presale. Spoiler alert: our first public sale of CUZ tokens exceeded our wildest expectations.

After months of planning, hitting up conferences around the world and growing our Telegram group to over 16K members — we successfully kicked off our public token sale with a flash 24hr public presale on April 10th.

Launching a public sale is not a trivial thing to do these days. The last few months in the crypto market have been quite turbulent, causing a great deal of uncertainty for many. Yet, despite the general sense of apprehension, we felt that we owed it to our community and the crypto community as a whole to push ahead as planned.

What can we say, it was a good decision ;)

At 10 AM UTC we opened our gates and things boomed - thousands of people visited our website at once, hundreds began to buy cuz, chat with our support team, and engage with our team via Telegram. What made it even more amazing was that Cool Cousin’s public presale was populated by true believers, many of whom are new to the crypto world and told us that this was the first time they had ever participated in an ICO. Ultimately, we closed the day with 90% of our hard cap sold!

This experience has strengthened our conviction that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding cryptocurrency mass adoption, and that Cool Cousin has the chops to introduce cryptocurrency to mainstream travelers.
Here's a recap of the public presale day:

  • 90% hard cap reached
  • 65% contributed < 1 ETH
  • 27.8% contributed between 1-12 ETH
  • 452 chats and calls with contributors - many of whom said they had never before taken part in an ICO, until now.
  • 76 banned impersonators in Telegram
  • 1049 messages sent in our Telegram group
  • 21+ cloned websites taken down with the help of Brandshield
  • 8 ETH addresses flagged with real-time help of the Etherscan
  • 48 slices of pizza were eaten in our offices
  • 93 cups of coffee were poured
  • 0 data breaches
  • 0 hours of sleep for Gil, Cool Cousin’s CTO

We'd like to thank all of our supporters and contributors.
We'd hug you if we could.

Looking forward, we aim to streamline the process ahead of our crowdsale in May, during which we will sell the remaining 10% of our hard cap - and then finally we will return to working on growing a company that dramatically shifts the travel industry to better serve travelers and locals alike.