Tech news & updates - March 13

Our latest updates improve image loading, storage, security, and networking!

  1. We recently optimized image handling on our iOS app. This brings our users two exciting benefits:
  • When the image loads, users will now enjoy a beautiful lightweight preview, allowing them to have a seamless experience even when the signal is weak.
  • The new update saves hundreds of MBs of storage and networking, since the images are only loaded on demand and only cached for a limited time. This makes the app lighter and lets users save more images without hogging their phone storage.
  1. We finally updated all our web apps to Nuxt 1.3, adding new bug fixes and performance improvements. Upgrading our underlying frameworks doesn’t change anything external, however, those of you who are using the web app will notice a great improvement in the flow. Another important improvement enabled by the update is stronger security, helping us avoid data breaches.

  2. We recently integrated CloudFront with our API server, leveraging Lambda@Edge. This effectively makes sure users of both our iOS and web apps get the information from a server nearby, which will be doing all the heavy lifting in advance. What this means for users is that they will enjoy faster communications and smarter caching - providing smooth uploading and access to recommendations, messages, and other information on the apps.

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