Tech news & updates - March 20

Our latest updates are all about staying safe, looking nice, and scaling up!

  1. We upgraded our Telegram bot. Frauds are a big deal in the ICO world, and since we're the new kid on the block everyone wants a piece of, and some scammers target our clients. Our bot welcomes newcomers and gives them a warning about possible scams. It also keeps track of our bounty. All hail our bot. (It's a risky world out there. We will never send you a direct message asking for money. Be weiry of those who do and STAY SAFE)

  2. Our iOS app just got nicer! We integrated Lottie (an amazing animation framework by Airbnb) to add micro-animations to our iOS app. Try saving or loving a spot from the spot page. Beautiful, ain't it?

  3. We just upgraded our database. Twice as large, twice the memory, less cache misses, swap access, and overhead. Now our systems can withstand many more of you. Bring it!

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