We were hot in June, and we're only getting hotter

We've had a busy month: We completed phase 1 of our "image project", enabled users to add their own spots, increased speed, decreased data usage, run security checks and paved the way to leaving wordpress.

Users can create their own maps, whoa!
We launched iOs “add spot” feature which allows our users to add spots to their maps. This feature is on it’s way to our web app as well. Now travelers get more customized data and are able to share their favorite spots in the city. In the future, travelers and cousins will be able to compose list and share them, just like they share playlists, adding depth to our maps. So this is our first step in that directions.

Here's how this awesome feature looks like! check it out:


Data Data Data
We made some serious image optimizations to deliver travelers the data they need even faster. This is phase one of our image project. We want to migrate our images to webp format, and allow a jpg fallback for non-supporting clients. This means more speed and less data.

(Source: XKCD)

Safety first
We did an overall security assessment, and fixed all the issues that arose. Now our VPC is not accessible from the internet, all our keys are fresh, and our automated services are using one-time tokens. Better luck next time, hackers (not you white-hat hackers, we 🖤 you guys).

A smoother content experience
We made great progress towards integrating our content platform into the product - allowing a smoother experience when flowing from reading articles to using the app, and a first step towards moving the content into the app itself. Hello independence, goodbye wordpress!