We did it - 97.4% of our hard cap sold!

We’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed the data - so if you're a numbers person, check out these stats about Cool Cousin’s hugely successful token sale.

We did it! Earlier this month we closed our ICO after selling 97.4% of our hard cap - a huge success, certainly in the current market.

We couldn’t have done it without our partners, our advisors, our Cousins and all our supporters (many of whom were ICO first timers) - so once again, THANK YOU! We’re touched and humbled by the faith that so many people have in Cool Cousin and in our team and we’re excited to get back to growing the company into the global travel service you love and believe in.

These last few months have been wild and eye opening. Last week, our CEO Itay Nagler wrote in length about our journey so far, so if you haven’t read his post yet, watchu waiting for?

In this recap, instead of elaborating about our achievements and our plans, we’d like to let the numbers do the talking.

So here goes - Cool Cousin’s ICO, in numbers:

  • 97.4% hard cap sold
  • 70% contributed < 1ETH
  • 23.7% contributed between 1 < 12
  • 12 major conferences were attended around the world (from SF to Seoul)
  • 222,371 emails sent to people interested in our ICO
  • 2,823 chats and calls with contributors, many of whom said they had never before taken part in an ICO, until now
  • 361 messages a day were posted to our Telegram group
  • 56K messages were posted to our Telegram group altogether
  • 280 mentions in the media
  • 62 fake Twitter accounts were removed
  • 68 phishing websites were removed
  • 17 ETH addresses were flagged with real-time help of the Etherscan
  • 7 fake YouTube accounts were removed
  • 2 failed DDoS attack attempts
  • 0 gas was paid by contributors during the distribution of CUZ - which happened on time!
  • 0 data breaches
  • 0 regrets

Can you hear 'em? Can you feel 'em?

We’re already working on some exciting new features and launching Cousins in new cities around the world. To all of you who want to know ‘when moon?’ - so soon!