We're excited to welcome our new advisor Eric Sheinkop, founder of Music Dealers

Acclaimed tech innovator and author, Sheinkop builds 21st-century solutions for antiquated industries ripe for change. He is also a Cousin in Chicago!


We're thrilled to welcome our new advisor, entrepreneur, acclaimed author and tech innovator Eric Sheinkop. As founder of Music Dealers and CEO for 8 years, Sheinkop built a global community of over 20,000 independent artists, giving them a new route to gain exposure, funding and distribution through placements in TV commercials, shows, movies, gaming and live appearances. Before Sheinkop left in 2015 he led the growth of Music Dealers to over 600 brand clients with $35M in revenue earning the company recognition as one of Inc. Magazine's "Fastest Growing Private Companies in America".

In his latest venture, desirelist, Sheinkop is continuing his trend of creating disruptive tech-based solutions, with a platform that gives consumers access to discover and shop authentic product recommendations from models, musicians and athletes. desirelist's use of content driven product recommendations offers retailers a new route to market, transforming the way people discover and purchase the products used by the pros. This approach creates a new revenue source for talent, giving them the ability to measure the value of their influence and secure data-driven brand partnerships.

Sheinkop's accolades include being featured in Billboard Magazine’s "30 Under 30” list and Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine’s “Tech 50” list. A published author, Sheinkop's written works include Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World's Smartest Brands, released in 2013, and Return of the Hustle: The Art of Marketing with Music which was released in 2016 and went on to become #1 New Release in Music and #1 New Release in Business Communications on Amazon. Both books are included in college curriculums across the world.

He is also our Cool Cousin in Chicago. "As a cousin, I love sharing the things that I think make my city great. I take a lot of pride in listing special gems that will enhance a traveller's visit to Chicago", Sheinkop said about his decision to become a Cousin in Chicago, adding that "as an entrepreneur, I know a disruptive company when I see one. Revolutionizing peer-to-peer travel is big business. It rides on the trends of personalization and connecting people around the world through their passions. I'm confident that Cool Cousin's approach to enhancing travel experiences for everyone, wherever they go, will earn them a spot on the startup wall of fame".

We're confident that his vast experience building companies and innovating industries will be priceless to Cool Cousin, as we charge forward as a distrupting force in the travel industry.

Welcome to the fam, Eric!