How to get whitelisted for Cool Cousin's token sale

A brief summary of the whitelist registration process.

Response to the Cool Cousin token sale continues to grow and we're overwhelmed with your support and faith in Cool Cousin. We’re happy to announce that you can now guarantee your place in the token sale in April. You will only be eligible to participate in the token sale after your whitelist application has been approved. Since demand is high and the process takes time, we advise that you register as soon as possible to save yourself a spot.


Below are some details about what to expect of the whitelist process:

Where to access: You can submit your application on the official Cool Cousin ICO website. This is the only place to apply for KYC access.

How will we notify you:
Email: We will confirm your submition via email, and once your KYC has been reviewed and approved, we will send you a registration confirmation email. This may take a few weeks, as demand is high.
Telegram: We have an official pinned message in the telegram group. Only trust pinned messages or admins of the group. Do not give your details to accounts who send you DMs and ask to communicate outside the group.

Response time: Once you submit your application, your will receive a confirmation email. We will notify you of your status (approved / denied) once the application has been reviewed. You can check up on your application status by loging in to your account on the ICO website.


Minimum contribution per person: 0.1 ETH

Excluded locations: Our goal is to create an inclusive process for all. We are constantly examining the regulatory developments and framework, as they change in the different jurisdictions. As of now, participants from Israel, Singapore and China will not be able to take part in the public ICO itself.

Token Sale dates: The public token sale will begin in April and will last 14 days, or when we reach our hard cap.

Required information:
Phone number
Date of birth
Ethereum address
Amount you plan to contribute
Depeding on the amount - ID — passport, driver’s license, residence permit, ID card

Accepted currencies: We will accept BTC, ETH and USD during the ICO.